Pixie was rescued by her owners at 18 months. Before she was taken in my the rescue, she lived with an elderly man, who was unable to give her the physical exercise and mental stimulation she required. She had next to no training but an awful lot of love to give! 

Her owners contacted me in the weeks leading up to Pixie’s adoption. We had a session before she came home to talk through the first days. We spoke about sleep, separations and what to expect in terms of her behaviour. 

Over the next few months, we covered many areas including: lead walking, scent-work, breed specific games, recall, self-settling, car travel, basic obedience and how to handle interactions with other dogs. 

We also spoke at length about diet and joint care, as Pixie has the early warning signs of mobility problems. This likely stems from a lack of appropriate exercise when she was younger. 

Pixie is a very intelligent girl and her owners were 100% dedicated to giving her the best home possible. I am happy to say that she is thriving in her new home and has settled in beautifully!