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Puppy Classes

I specialise in working with puppies and adolescent dogs and am really passionate about giving young dogs the very best start. Puppy classes are a brilliant way to get your new family member learning, listening and having fun. My classes are designed to give your pup a solid foundation in their training. 

This is not a puppy play group and is designed specifically for owners wanting to get their puppy used to focusing when there are distractions around. Your puppy being able to engage with you (even when there’s fun stuff going on nearby!) is an important part of socialisation and is the key to successful recall, lead walking and so many other important behaviours. 

I feel 1:1 work with every puppy is really important. This means, unlike some puppy classes, spaces are limited to just 3 puppies. This means you and your pooch will receive plenty of one-on-one attention, bespoke instruction and guidance from me.


Classes take place in my indoor, temperature controlled training studio, meaning that you never have to worry about your dog’s favourite time of the week being rained off or cancelled in the hot summer months. 

Each puppy has their own ‘station’ for the class, with their own raised bed, and dividers are in place between the pups so that they are not overly distracted by each other – the studio set up can be seen in the video/photo below. 

Your puppy is welcome to join the class as soon as they have had their vaccinations and have been checked by their vet. My classes are designed for dogs who are new to training, such as puppies of <7 months, although there is flexibility around this depending on breed and prior training. Class is also great for rescue dogs who are new to family life and looking for a training foundation to build their confidence. 

£130 / 6 weeks

Details of course content below.


17:00, 18:00 and 19:00

1551 Wimborne Road
BH10 7AZ


16:00, 17:00 and 18:00

1551 Wimborne Road
BH10 7AZ


I am often asked when owners should begin training and my answer is always the same… Straight away! Training is crucial to set your pup up for success, to build a bond and get them used to listening to you. My puppy packages mean that we can kick start this process as soon as your pup comes home, rather than having to wait until vaccinations are complete. Choose the perfect package for you and your pooch to give them the best start at home.

Puppy Package


Six weeks group puppy classes
1-2-1 session at home

Premium Puppy Package


Six weeks group puppy classes
1-2-1 session at home x 2

Perfect Puppy Roadmap


Designed with the ‘perfect’ puppy in mind, I created the Puppy Roadmap to help owners navigate their puppy’s training journey as they grow. 

90 minute initial consultation
1-2-1 session x2
Six weeks group puppy classes
Invite to private Puppy Roadmap WhatsApp group, with access to additional support, tips and first reserve on all training workshops

Areas we will cover include:

Socialisation/habituation – to prevent fearfulness/reactivity from forming
Separations – how to ensure your puppy is calm and happy when left alone
Sleep – how to get your puppy sleeping through the night and how sleep supports behaviour
Biting – how to manage puppy biting and make it through the ‘land shark’ phase
Toilet training – how to teach your puppy to potty outside only
Diet – to ensure our puppies have everything they need for healthy growth and to support good behaviour
Enrichment – how to enrich your dog’s life and promote calmness in the process
Breed specific outlets – if you have a working breed, how we can give them breed-fulfilment to avoid frustration related behaviours
Exercise – how much, how often and how to avoid the fallout from over-exercising our puppies
Puppy growth and development – what to expect as your puppy matures and how to support them at each developmental stage 

Access to the WhatsApp group will connect you with other puppy parents who have also taken the Puppy Roadmap. This will give you exclusive access to training workshops as well as being a place to ask questions and share success stories. 


* Puppy Packages must be selected at time of booking. 1-2-1 sessions can be arranged later but will not be applicable for the Puppy Package discount. 

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In your puppy classes, your dog will learn core skills to help them cope in the big wide world as well as building their confidence.

Together, we will cover the following:

  • Boundary training – teaching your puppy to settle on cue so that they can be calm when you have guests or take them to a restaurant, pub etc. 
  • Name recognition & engagement for gaining your puppies attention and focus
  • Pattern games – used frequently in the training of assistance dogs, patten games are great for creating predictable routines, which can be used to calm and distract your puppy 
  • Recall – this is not as simple as calling your puppy from one end of a room to another – if it was, every dog would have perfect recall! We will play games and practise activities in class that create a ‘muscle memory’ of recall, so your puppy stays engaged with you and is able to disengage from distractions
  • Handling your puppy in preparation for vet checks, grooming etc
  • Sit, down & stand – a crucial foundation in obedience and very practical!
  • Jumping up – how to prevent this behaviour from becoming a bad habit
  • Wait & take it – laying the foundations of impulse control
  • Lead walking – including focus activities, heel walking, loose lead walking and teaching your puppy to ‘hold up’ when there is tension in the lead
  • Middle – a fun trick and a great way to keep your dog safe in tricky situations
  • Leave it – more impulse control, teaching your dog to reliably leave something that they should not interact with
  • Touch – a fun game for your dog with many applications
  • Paw – a fun trick, which also has some practical uses
  • Stay – more impulse control, asking your puppy to stay in place until released
  • Socialisation & habituation to build confidence and prevent the development of fears and anxieties in your pup
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