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 Maurice, cocker spaniel, 5 months

Our puppy has just graduated from Jess’s puppy class this evening after a 6 week course.
This training course has been invaluable to both myself and my wife who have learnt so much about how our behaviour and attitudes can help our dog develop. Her approach to training is by positively rewarding your dog for expected behaviours and we have seen a marked improvement for our cocker spaniel Maurice since starting these sessions.

We have found Jess to be a wonderful trainer with lots of experience and would most definitely recommend to anyone with a dog who is in need of some extra training.

Coco, golden retriever, 10 weeks

After bringing our golden retriever home for the first time I wanted to ensure I was giving her the best start in life and doing everything I could for her to be happy and healthy. I am so glad I contacted Jess for help as never realised how much there was to learn. I took out her puppy package with 2 home visits and 6 classes. The home visits were SO informative and helpful. I made some quick changes with her diet and behaviours that were instantly beneficial. Jess was able to advise without being patronising and my Puppy just LOVED her! The puppy classes were also so incredibly helpful. We learned lots of natural behaviours and commands which are needed in the normal day to day. I can’t recommend Jess more highly, she is a natural and was born to do this. I learned so much from her and I know our puppy is a happier puppy because of her too! Thank you so much Jess!!


Rocket, Jack Russel, 5 months

Jess is brilliant! We got in touch with her as our 5 month old jack russell puppy was too excited about the big wide world to listen to us outside or walk calmly on a lead, especially with other dogs around. He also wasn’t very happy home alone. Jess gave us really easy to follow, effective advice and activities to practise, which have made a huge difference in just a few months! She’s so encouraging and always makes us feel very reassured and confident about the next steps. Our pup is still very excitable at 7 months old but he’s so much more engaged with us outside, barely ever pulls on his lead and he’s well on his way to just snoozing on the sofa while we’re out. And all her training is about rewarding the dog for behaviours we like, never scaring, punishing or hurting them. Highly recommend!


Lola, Labrador, 18 months 

We got an 18 mnth old rescue labrador, Lola, full of energy and alot of training needed! We did not know where to start !
Jess was amazing, helped us out with 1-2-1 sessions educating us with the best diet, treats, harness,leads and so much more. Jess helped us with being more confident when out walking ,as she is very strong and barked at dogs. Also helped with the jumping up, settling in the evenings and nibbling.

Lola is so much calmer now and so are we! Would recommend her everytime.


 Sasha, GSD, 12 weeks

Jess is fantastic and a wealth of knowledge!!

Jess was really helpful with advice in the first week’s we had Sasha about how to settle her in and we have now just completed the 6 weeks of puppy classes!
Sasha has taken a bit of time to settle into classes and focus but this didn’t bother Jess, instead she supported us to shape positive behaviours of neutrality around other dogs/distractions and truly worked at Sasha’s pace despite their being 2 other Dogs in the class. Sasha was also struggling to take food while out on walks, which Jess helped us with!
Jess has never made us feel like bad dog owners and has truly made learning enjoyable for us all! I feel that Jess’ knowledge and support has been crucial to getting Sasha on the road to being the perfect pup before even 6 months old!
Jess will certainly be my first port of call for any issues we have in the future!


Mabel, poodle, 18 months 

My dog Mabel and I had a wonderful time at puppy classes with Jess. Mabel found the sessions engaging and the games and practices help calm her and channel her energy into positive behaviours. She loves them, too. The sessions have also helped us bond even more and enjoy time together in a different way. The sessions also helped me gain more confidence in working with Mabel inside and outside of sessions and how to approach various aspects of having a dog (eg lead walking, redirection, practices to calm her down). It was a good opportunity to chat with other dog owners, too.

Having had one to one sessions with Jess early on (in the very first – wobbly/stressful – days when I adopted Mabel and didn’t know what to do!!) it has been lovely to continue to work with Jess over the last four months and for us both to see Mabel’s progression as she (and I) relax into the relationship more and gain confidence and understanding together. Jess’s guidance has been invaluable in helping me as a solo dog owner to feel I had support and could learn the tools to take care of Mabel and find our way together!

I highly recommend both one to one sessions and group classes with Jess. A huge thank you to you, Jess, from Mabel and I! 🐾🧡


Luna, Labrador, 6 months

After a bad experience with another dog I contacted Jess for puppy class & home visit package which is amazing value for money. Luna loved Jess the second she arrived at our home & within a few mins had already stopped Luna jumping up before we even entered our home! Jess listened to my concerns & explained how dogs see the world & gave solutions to start training before classes. Jess was always available to help over phone & text & I don’t know what I’d have done without her help. Luna loved her classes & picked up the lessons very well with extra help from Jess if I needed or didn’t quite understand what I was doing. Luna has gone from a chaotic, happy but nervous puppy to a happy, better behaved puppy who listens to her training, runs free off lead & returns to my voice/clicker & is no longer nervous/afraid around other dogs or the dark. She knows all the basic training you need for at home & safe walks & even has puppy friends now! If you have a new puppy with no idea where to start then I recommend Jess to get you started with the basics & any further help. Jess is very helpful & understands dogs needs & how to help your puppy become their best. I couldn’t be happier with Jess help & my Luna is just such a happy, good girl. Still a bit mental, though that’s labs for you! Thank you Jess


Milo, Jack Russell, 4 months 

We reached out to Jess’ Dog Training when we noticed some behavioral issues with our Jack Russell puppy, Milo. Jess was fantastic! Her expertise and personalised approach shone through in the two 1:1 sessions we had with her. We quickly started seeing positive results by implementing the training tips she advised.

We decided to enroll Milo in Jess’ puppy training class, and it was one of the best decisions we made. Under Jess’ guidance, Milo has flourished into a wonderful adolescent dog. What we appreciated most was Jess’ encouragement and assurance that we were on the right track with Milo’s training. It boosted our confidence as puppy parents.

Thank you, Jess, for your invaluable help and for nurturing Milo into the well-behaved dog he is today. We highly recommend Jess’ Dog Training to anyone in need of expert guidance and support in training their furry friends!


Lileth, Frenchie, 3 years

Jess is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE at what she does. My 3yo Frenchie had some traumatic experiences within a short space of time & had gone from a friendly, playful, bouncy gremlin, to a protective, nervous little lady. Within 15 mins of our first session Jess had Lilith very relaxed and focussed on the confidence building games she introduced. She provided a conclusion email of the routines and games she had developed, for us to follow in between our sessions. By the next morning, Lilith was bouncing around and listening to every command, like the beautiful, little oaf she used to be. Jess’ fees are extremely good value and we cannot wait for our next session. I’m excited to see my little one’s confidence rebuild with Jess’ guidance. A HUGE thank you from us!


Cleo, Labrador, 1 year 

Before Jess began exclusively training, she took our dogs for walks. We were always extremely happy with Jess; she is incredibly knowledgable and has the perfect balance between being warm and friendly, but also commanding the respect of the dogs. They love her and we were devastated when she stopped walking.

We have, however, also had training from Jess for one of our dogs who is lacking in self-confidence and Jess was similarly very knowledgeable and effective, making training fun for dogs and owners.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jess to dog owners in Bournemouth and surrounding areas.


David, Jack Russell, 4 years

Needed some help training recall with my terrier. Jess was very knowledgable and patient, giving practical advice that’s simple to follow. Enjoyed our sessions and David’s like a different dog on our walks.


Potch, Labrador, 6 years 

Jess came over today to help me with my dog’s separation anxiety. She is very pleasant and knowledgeable. She gave me some great tips and I’m looking forward to a very happy dog soon. I would highly recommend her!


Elsie, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, 4 months

My little angel Elsie can turn into the Tasmanian devil in a split second but since having Jess for just 3 one hour sessions the difference in Elsie’s behaviour is unbelievable. Jess’ friendly approach to the Training puts you at ease straight away which includes no smacking or telling off,she simply praises your dog with love and treats. All sessions are followed up with a text from Jess detailing everything we have been through on the day. I can not express how much I would recommend her .Jess’ highly professional and friendly approach is amazing and I wish her luck in her future ventures
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Teddy, Golden Retriever, 8 weeks

We are first time dog owners to a gorgeous golden retriever puppy called Teddy. We decided to get Jess in for a private session very early on to make sure that we were doing everything right from day one. Jess gave us some amazing guidance and tips which helped massively with routine, recall and the basic commands. Before Jess, Teddy had no respect for us and basically ran riot, after Jess he is calmer and respects us so much more!
Thank you Jess!
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Ariel, Chihuahua, 3 years

Jessica was very understanding when she first came to meet my dog Ariel as she is very nervous and anxious of life!
I have a long way to go with training Ariel to be more confident in herself but thanks to Jessica’s help and advice I feel I can definitely improve Ariel’s life. Thank you!🐾

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Bella, Dachshund, 6 months

Jess has taught us and our dog so much and our dogs behaviour is so much better since having weekly sessions with her! Thank you x


Teddy, Maltipoo, 8 months

Jess has worked with our 13 month maltipoo who suddenly started barking whilst out on walks and at the tv. After 5 sessions he has made a remarkable improvement and is like his old self. We would highly recommend Jess



Bobby & Lola, beagles, 1 & 3 years

I’m really happy with our 1:1 session with Jess. She gave me the tools and knowledge to correct my two beagles recall and walking on lead. She really cares and she is using positive enforcement to correct the doggies. Definitely recommend her!