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Training & Behaviour

 I support dogs & their owners for both training and behaviour work. Training is about teaching your dog new behaviours – like walking on a loose lead, coming back when called or any basic command work. Behavioural work is about helping your dog with an emotional response. This may be reactivity or separation anxiety. Training and behaviour work often go hand in hand but since every dog is different, we will create an individual plan for your dog together. Whilst I work with dogs of all ages, I specialise in working with puppies and young dogs. 

I offer in-person services across the Bournemouth & Poole area and also offer online training, which allows me to work with dogs around the world, and my clients stretch from Aberdeen to Arizona. 

I am a member of some of the best dog training institutions in the UK so I am continually developing my knowledge as a professional. I believe passionately in using positive training methods, backed by science, without any pain, fear or punishment. 

1:1 training / behaviour session

Whether your dog is exhibiting reactivity, separation anxiety, lack of recall or anything between, I’m here to help. I take a holistic approach to training and we will work together to make sure we set your dog up for success and teach new ways to behave.

I  employ purely positive training methods, where dogs learn through praise. I encourage dogs to make their own choices, to build confidence and create routines whereby your dog is independently offering ‘good’ behaviours. My methods focus on teaching the dog what to do rather than punishing them for making a wrong choice. We will also look at what is driving your dog’s behaviour.

All training sessions include a detailed follow up email, which will cover your next steps with your dog, meaning you can refer back as many times as you need to. 

Available in-person or online. 

£60 p/ h



Puppy consultations

Whilst I work with dogs of all ages, I specialise in working with puppies and young dogs. Adopting a puppy can be overwhelming. Whether you are bringing home a puppy in the coming weeks, already have your puppy or are in the researching stage, I am here to help. 

If you have already chosen your puppy, we can cover: building a bond, settling in and the decompression period, socialisation and habituation, managing puppy biting, handling your puppy (including grooming), toilet training, crate training, preventing separation anxiety, managing destructive behaviour, diet and feeding, exercise, sleep, introducing basic commands and whatever else you need. 

If you have not yet chosen a breeder, we can talk through how to find a responsible breeder, which breed is right for you and how to pick the best puppy for your family. 

Puppy consultations can be arranged in-person or online. 

£60 p/h or £80 p/90 mins



  • Jess is a delightful girl and I know Archie will come back home exhausted but very happy after a fun filled walk. I can really trust Jess to look... read more

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    Dave Taylor Avatar Dave Taylor

    Jess is amazing with dogs ! My two Jack Russells have such a great time !She is reliable, friendly and adaptable!

    Sally Bennett Avatar Sally Bennett

    My little angel Elsie can turn into the Tasmanian devil in a split second but since having Jess for just 3 one hour sessions the difference in Elsie's behaviour is... read more

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    Jennifer Tames Avatar Jennifer Tames
  • We contacted Jess about a few issues we were having with our two dogs. Some demand barking from one dog. The other dog developed poor impulse control on walks around... read more

    Katie Halsall Avatar Katie Halsall

    Lovely lady she walks my old tyme bulldog twice a week ventures over to different places with her the photos and videos she sends shows she's having a lovely time... read more

    Abigail Cox Avatar Abigail Cox

    Jess came over today to help me with my dog's separation anxiety. She is very pleasant and knowledgeable. She gave me some great tips and I'm looking forward to a... read more

    Brian Tharme Avatar Brian Tharme
  • Jessica was very understanding when she first came to meet my dog Ariel as she is very nervous and anxious of life! I have a long way to go with... read more

    Cara Hewlett Avatar Cara Hewlett

    I’d definitely recommend Jess to anyone! She’s so kind, reliable and knowledgeable with our dog Harley. He always comes back from walks very happy and tired. It’s great to know... read more

    Gemma Thomas Avatar Gemma Thomas

    Jess is very professional and and easy to work with. Archie is very happy after his walks.

    William Slaney Avatar William Slaney
  • Yogi has enjoyed many a walk with Jess and is always so happy to go with her. He gets a good run around with other dogs and loves the chance... read more

    Chloe Asquith Avatar Chloe Asquith

    Week 1, our pup was a little reluctant to climb the stairs for his first training session. Being a pup he was easily distracted always interested in whats going on... read more

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    darren gilbert Avatar darren gilbert

    Dia loves her walks with Jess - she gets so excited to see her! Jess has been patiently working with Dia's reactivity issues and helping her become a more secure... read more

    Jennifer brophy Avatar Jennifer brophy
  • We are first time dog owners to a gorgeous golden retriever puppy called Teddy. We decided to get Jess in for a private session very early on to make sure... read more

    Beth Avatar Beth

    Jess is amazing with Jazz and she always looks forward to her walks. Highly recommend 🐶

    Isobel Yeatman Avatar Isobel Yeatman

    Jess has worked with our 13 month maltipoo who suddenly started barking whilst out on walks and at the tv. After 5 sessions he has made a remarkable improvement and... read more

    Rita Lavery Avatar Rita Lavery
  • Jess is a delightful girl and I know Archie will come back home exhausted but very happy after a fun filled walk. I can really trust Jess to look after my... read more

    Dave Taylor Avatar Dave Taylor

    I’m really happy with our 1:1 session with Jess. She gave me the tools and knowledge to correct my two beagles recall and walking on lead. She really cares and... read more

    Krisztina Schafler Avatar Krisztina Schafler

    Jess has been great with my girl, she always comes home happy and tired from her group walks! We’ve also had a couple of training sessions which have made a... read more

    Lindon Parker Avatar Lindon Parker
  • I recently adopted my rescue dog, Branston, after fostering him for 3 months. Jess has been with us from the beginning and he really loves going for his one... read more

    Susie Elliott Avatar Susie Elliott

    Mermaid loves going out for a walk with Jessica, always excited to see her. Comes home exhausted and sleeps. Jessica is reliable and trustworthy would highly recommend 🐾🐾

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    Karen Swain Avatar Karen Swain

    Mermaid loves going out for a walk with Jessica, always excited to see her. Comes home exhausted and sleeps. Jessica is reliable and trustworthy would highly recommend 🐾🐾

    Karen Swain Avatar Karen Swain
  • Jess is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE at what she does. My 3yo Frenchie had some traumatic experiences within a short space of time & had gone from a friendly, playful, bouncy gremlin,... read more

    Sarah Lednor Avatar Sarah Lednor

    Before Jess began exclusively training, she took our dogs for walks. We were always extremely happy with Jess; she is incredibly knowledgable and has the perfect balance between being warm... read more

    Matthew Rushent Avatar Matthew Rushent

    Our two girls started going out with Jess in November and since day 1 Jess has been absolutely brilliant with them. She regularly texts picture updates of their days out... read more

    Amber-Louise Elkins Avatar Amber-Louise Elkins
  • Excellent trainer, very skilled and offering personable friendly training based upon a brilliant regime of six sessions. Highly recommended! Thank you!

    John Repairs Avatar John Repairs

    Jess is fabulous 👌 highly recommended!

    Alex Crabbe Avatar Alex Crabbe

    Jessica has been the best person with whom I've trained my Collie Ella. Many other trainers (supposedly more experienced!) have come nowhere near Jessica in terms of her ability to... read more

    Jonathan Mills Avatar Jonathan Mills